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Employment focus business loans

sme packages includes kosgeb, Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) and business cards

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Special for SMEs

You can apply to the nearest VikiıfBank branch for information about new loan programs, loan application conditions and other issues that KOSGEB provides interest support for companies registered in the database. Regarding KOSGEB supports; To be a member of the KOSGEB database, the relevant SME Declaration to be announced by KOSGEB must be updated. In order to benefit from new supports, all our branches are waiting for you to provide consultancy services for the necessary membership and updating procedures. Click for the nearest Vikiifbank branch ..


Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF)


Access Finance BankBank offers Loan Guarantee Fund (KGF) Secured Loans to SMEs with collateral difficulties. Within the scope of the protocol signed between the Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) and our Bank, SMEs who want to use loans but have collateral difficulties may be granted loans in different limits, maturities and amounts according to the KGF legislation.

KGF Bail Applications

By KGF; Bail is provided by two separate applications under the Portfolio Guarantee System (PGS) application and Portfolio Limit System (PLS) application from two sources: “Equity Bails” and “Treasury Supported Bails”.

Equity Bails

From KGF's own equity; SMEs (this quality according to the Regulation on the Definition, Qualifications and Classification of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and tradesmen and craftsmen, self-employed, cooperatives (excluding land and housing construction cooperatives), farmers, agricultural enterprises and articles of association It is the type of surety given by the real and legal persons that have the qualities determined / to be determined..

Treasury Supported Bails

Exporters (SMEs or non-SMEs), SMEs (of this nature in accordance with the Regulation on the Definition, Qualifications and Classification of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and non-SME businesses (currently in the shipbuilding industry, travel agencies, tourism enterprises, airline businesses). For detailed information about the conditions of use and loan application, we wait for the nearest Access Finance BankBranch. If the loan applications are evaluated by the Bank and found positive, then KGF approves the bail application, loan requests will be met. You can email us on support@accessfinancebank.com for details of the conditions for using KGF guarantee . Life insurance is compulsory for the companies that benefit from the loan, and if not, a 0.5% (five per thousand) credit commission will be collected. Our bank reserves the right to make changes in the conditions of loan allocation when it deems necessary.


Our Business Cards

*With VakıfBank BusinessCard, you eliminate the burden of cash for accommodation, representation, travel and other expenses that you will make on behalf of your company.

You can provide easy payment for your company by shopping in installments at hundreds of thousands of points with wide merchant options.

*If you wish, you can collect Worldpoints earned from your employees' purchases with VakıfBank BusinessCard on a single card, and you can create an opportunity to save on company expenses by using your WorldPoints.

Access Finance BankBank BusinessCard, the card that raises the bar in the business world!.

*Within the limits you set, you can request any number of additional cards to your employees, you can set different limits for each additional card, and you can check the expenses made from these cards through the bank statements.

*In order to control your company expenditures, you can use your cards for shopping and cash withdrawals at home, abroad, cash, installments, virtual… etc. It can be closed for use in transaction type or you can set transaction limit.

You can restrict your employees' cards to selected VakıfBank member merchants to control your company expenses.

*You can get free air tickets with your WorldPoints by using "MilPlus Travel" features. You can benefit from our Assistance Services, many of which are free, with your VakıfBank BusinessCard. Click for details.

*You can make installments in the mobile phone, fuel and food sectors where installments cannot be made for individual credit cards.

* You can follow up the expenses of the additional cards you give to the employees on the monthly account statement.

*You can use a certain part of your card limit as a cash advance. You can follow the purchases made during your international travels on the USD account summary. You can pay your cash purchases by calling +1 (213) 240-1935 , +1 313-306-0470 Call Center with suitable interest rates up to 18 months.

* can give an automatic bill payment order for your BusinessCard; phone, electricity, water… etc. you don't have to follow your bills.


Kindly contact our customer care via the chatbot or email us at support@accessfinancebank.com.

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