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Accessible Banking

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1: Our Branches

1.1 Our Bank branches offer our services listed below in accordance with the access of our disabled customers.

*Voice and light assistant call button system applications in branch entrance and WC areas
*Sequential priority
*Branch entry and Braille alphabet information board applications within the branch
*Sensible walking surface application in the branch
*Emergency voice and light guidance system applications
*Branch entrance fixed or mobile folding ramp applications
*Accessible box office applications
*Anti-slip tape and glass security tape applications
*Induction loop system applications

1.2 Atm

Hello to an unobstructed life with ATMs without Barriers ...

*The screen / keyboard height and physical location of ATMs have been adapted for wheelchair access for our customers with orthopedic disabilities.

*Visually impaired customers of all banks, whether or not our bank's customers, can perform their transactions with a headset at our more than 3,700 Barrier-Free Life ATMs, which have the ability to make voice transactions with debit cards and credit cards.

*Things to Know About Barrier-Free Living ATMs with Voice Operations Our Bank and other bank customers who have visual impairments, have difficulty in seeing or prefer to perform their transactions by voice can benefit from our Life-Free ATMs.

*The following transactions can be performed at our Disabled Life ATMs:
1)Withdraw money
2)Deposit money
3)Balance inquiry
4)Credit card debt inquiry
5)Credit card debt payment
6)Cash advance
7)It is necessary to use standard 3.5 mm headphones to make voice transactions from our Disabled Life ATMs.
*Voice processing is started by plugging headphones into the input on the “headphone jack” label on our ATMs.

*To access the voice action menu, you must first insert the headset and then the card to the ATM.

*ATM compartments to be used during the process are indicated with embossed labels written in Braille alphabet.

*If the headset is removed from the Obstacle-Free Life ATM during the process, the process ends and the card is returned.

*A receipt can be obtained at the end of the transaction.

* You can reach our nearest barrier-free life ATMs from the link below or by calling 0850 222 0 724.

2. In Call Center

*In our Call Center, there is an online support application (Web Chat) located on the VakıfBank home page, where our hearing-impaired customers can get their lost stolen card notification and banking transactions.

*The dialing time of the voice response system for our disabled customers has been increased, making it easier for our customers to connect to telephone banking.

*Our customers whose disability status is in the Registered Information and customers over 65 are given the option of connecting to the customer representative primarily in the Voice Response System

2.2 In Digital Bank

*The screen reader programs used by visually impaired customers have been made compatible with Internet Banking and VakıfBank Mobile.

*With our digital assistant, Vibi, our customers can report lost stolen through our mobile banking between 09.00-01.45 without losing time.

On POS Devices

There are keys with embossed surface on all brand and model physical POS devices used by our bank in the field and Cash Register POS Devices that use our Bank application.