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Access Finance Bank is a leading Bank prominent in online monetary transaction in the USA and accross the globe. Our company was created on the 15th of July 1998 under the company registration number 929027. Since the first moment, our philosophy was to be there for your convenience around the clock.

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At Access Finance Bank , we focus on offering personal and commercial banking services that respond to the specific needs of our customers. From savings and insurance products to money transfer services, we provide our customers with a range of different products and services.

Access Finance Bank is the only online money remittance company that is authorised by Chinese federal money laundry authority. Our Bank is known for it's transparence, service orientated operation, security and the quality of a smooth money transfer.

Our loan Policy has led to the great expansion of the businesses of numberous client. Our capital Base has also given an edge in the financial and capital market.

We are specialised in customer focused operations in the field of electronic money transfer from banked to unbanked people around the globe. Using our remittance service is the fastest, safest and easiest solution to send money to your relatives and friends.